Terms and conditions

1. Scope of Application

These General Business Terms and Conditions apply to the booking of journeys and the carriage of passengers within the bus network operated by TripstAir Imer Ademi s.p., hereafter as TripstAir
The vehicles serve the purpose of passenger carriage.

2. Contracting Party

The Contracting Party for journey bookings (ticket seller) is TripstAir, Kolodvorska ulica 20, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.
In the special event that the carrier is a cooperation partner, only their own Terms and Conditions shall apply to these. The cooperation partners do not perform any passenger transport using the brand TripstAir.

3. Right to Carriage

3.1 The right to carriage shall exist in the event that a contract of carriage was concluded – booking confirmed.
3.2 The booking confirmation (see Item 5.1) entitles the passenger to a journey between the point of departure and the destination stated on the ticket. Later boarding or earlier exit is not permitted due to legal regulations.
3.3 In the event of bookings when on board a vehicle, an obligation to convey shall only exist in the event that sufficient seating is available for the entire journey.

4. Commercial use of the web portal

4.1 It is prohibited to use the web portal of TripstAir for non-personal or commercial purposes.

5. Tickets, Carriage Charges

5.1 The stipulated carriage charges must be paid in return for carriage. TripstAir issues tickets for this purpose. The booking confirmation, either printed out or displayed in electronic form (PDF file), and a valid official photo identification shall be deemed to constitute a ticket. If a booking is made on board the vehicle, the handwritten or printed receipt is both the purchase receipt and the booking confirmation. All booking confirmations are issued for the journey selected during the booking process and assigned to a specific individual. The first name and surname of the passenger and, if applicable, the date of birth, must be provided during the booking process. The passenger’s name is matched with the booking list in order to determine whether there is a claim to carriage.
5.2 The passenger shall be obliged to make a booking prior to departure. Access to the passenger compartment in the vehicle is only permitted with a valid booking confirmation.
5.2.1 Journeys may be booked online, in partner agencies, on board the vehicles (at regular fares) and at some staffed bus stations. Booking on board vehicles is only possible in the event that sufficient seating is available for the entire journey. As a result, advance purchase is recommended.
5.2.2 A booking confirmation (order details) is saved and can also be sent to the passenger via e-mail as required.
5.2.3 Each passenger holding a valid ticket shall be entitled to a seat. Reserving specific seats is not possible. There is a free choice of seating on all vehicles. Travelers with children and individuals with limited mobility are offered preferred seating.
5.3 Online ticket purchase:
5.3.1 The products in the online shop shall not constitute a legally binding offer, but a non-binding online catalog which prompts potential passengers to submit offers. By clicking the »Book« / »Pay« button, a binding order for the goods in the shopping cart is placed. Confirmation of receipt of the order shall be issued immediately upon submission via an automatic e-mail confirmation. The contract for carriage shall not be deemed to have been concluded until TripstAir, has accepted the order by issuing an acceptance confirmation. This acceptance confirmation may be issued with the automatic e-mail confirmation or separately at a later stage.
5.3.2 With the use of current technology we cannot guarantee that data communication via the internet is error-free and/or permanently accessible. In particular, the internet’s technical characteristics mean that the constant availability of online booking possibilities cannot be guaranteed. There shall be no entitlement to any savings or discounted prices in the event that, due to technical problems, the system is available again at a later point in time.

6. Payment

6.1 Various payment methods may be used to pay for tickets, depending on the form of booking:
Online: credit card or paypal. During all bookings, we reserve the right to exclude certain payment types and refer customers to other payment types.
On board the vehicles: Cash
At partner agencies: Cash, if available, other means, if applicable
At bus stations: Cash, if available, other means, if applicable
6.2. Credit card purchases
6.2.1 In the event of credit card purchases, customer accounts are charged when the booking is completed. By making a credit card payment, customers instruct their credit institutions at the time of booking to inform TripstAir, of the customers’ names and full addresses in the event of a chargeback, in order to permit TripstAir Imer Ademi s.p. to assert its claims against the same.
6.2.2 Passengers shall be obliged to pay the banking charges incurred in the event of a chargeback associated with a credit card payment. Cancellation charges or booking amendment surcharges may also be incurred.
6.2.3 In the wake of a fruitless dunning run by TripstAir claims will be passed to an external service provider for further processing. TripstAir may pass all requisite personal data of the debtors to this external service provider for this purpose.
6.2.4 Offsetting; right of retention In the event that customers are in default of any payment obligations, all existing claims from the same contractual relationship shall fall due with immediate effect.
6.4.5 For change of reservation call the number indicated next to the Tickets & Reservations details.

7. Invalid Tickets

The passenger is required to show both the ticket and a valid photo identification when asked to do so by employees of TripstAir during random ticket checks for the purpose of checking the validity of the ticket.

8. Booking Amendment and Cancellation

8.1 A cancellation can either take place with the new booking of another ticket (cancellation via rebooking) or by not using the ticket and its subsequent reimbursement according to 8.5. The booking cannot be changed or cancelled by the coach driver.
8.2 A cancellation or rebooking (for example, the route, the departure time, the travel date or changes to the booked passengerís name) can be changed up to 8 hours prior to the scheduled departure time only at TripstAir. Both legs of a return trip count as one booking.
8.3 In the case of cancellation due to a rebooking, a so-called fee-free refund voucher in the amount equivalent to the ticket price of the cancelled trip will be issued. The voucher is valid for 6 months and authorises the passenger to book a new trip equivalent to the voucher amount within this period. If the price of the new booking is higher than the price of the cancelled trip, then the difference shall be paid. If it is lower, then the remaining amount of the refund voucher is preserved and can be applied to or used up for another booking.
8.4 If a refund voucher is used for a booking, the same cancellation terms and conditions also apply to the new trip.
8.5 If a ticket for a trip is not used and the fare is reimbursed upon request a €15 processing fee is charged. The burden of proof for not using the ticket is on the passenger. The written request can be informal. It is to be sent to info@tripstair.com . The payment for the fare, less the processing and potential bank transfer fees, will be paid exclusively to the bank account the customer specified when making the booking, or, if paid by credit card, reimbursed to that credit card account.

9. Schedules

9.1 Amendments to the approved and published travel times, dates, routes and fares on the grounds of good cause, in particular for the implementation of decisions of the licensing authority, are reserved.
9.2 Schedule amendments which take effect after the contract’s conclusion and for which the carrier is not responsible (e.g. long-term effects of natural catastrophes or permanent building sites) shall not entitle passengers to assert compensation claims as long as these amendments deviate only insignificantly from the originally agreed departure and arrival times, i.e. up to a maximum of 2 hours. Substantial schedule amendments shall entitle passengers to withdraw from the contract of carriage free of charge. To do this, passengers are requested to either contact us.
Passengers may not have commenced travel in these cases. Other passenger rights shall remain unaffected.

10. Travel Commencement

10.1 Passengers are recommended to reach the departure point 15 minutes prior to travel commencement.
10.2 Claims for carriage and the booked journey may be otherwise assigned in the event that passengers are not present at the scheduled departure time and place for the route booked.
10.3 If passengers are notified via SMS, e-mail or other written format of a reasonable delay in travel, then a claim for carriage in the event of passengers’ absence shall only lapse with effect from the delayed travel time specified in the SMS or e-mail.

11. General Passenger Obligations

11.1 Instructions issued by driving and accompanying personnel must be obeyed.
11.2 Driving and dispatch personnel shall be authorized to exclude persons from travellong if they are obviously intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. The same shall apply to passengers who compromise the safety of their fellow passengers for other reasons or significantly impair the well-being of the latter. Claims to substitute transportation shall not exist in these cases.
11.3 Smoking on board the bus is not permitted. This prohibition also extends to e-cigarettes.
11.4 Passengers shall be liable for damages caused on, in or to the bus.
11.5 Carriers may cancel the contract of carriage without notice in the event that a passenger behaves in a manner so disruptive, this despite (verbal) warning, that it is no longer reasonable for the carrier and/or the remaining passengers to continue the journey. This shall also apply in the event that the passenger fails to observe objectively justified guidelines (e.g. safety guidelines). In this case, the carrier is entitled to retain the fare.
11.6 All passengers shall be obliged to use the seatbelts within the framework of statutory regulations, insofar as the bus is equipped with the same.

12. Specific Passenger Obligations Concerning International Connections

12.1 In the case of international routes, passengers shall be personally responsible for observing regulations relating to passports, visas, foreign currencies, customs and health. Disadvantages arising from non-compliance with these regulations shall be borne by the passenger, even if these are changed after booking.
12.2 If passengers are not in possession of valid travel documents, the obligation to convey on the part of TripstAir shall lapse. Booking amendments or cancellations shall only be permitted within the context of the conditions outlined in the section entitled »Booking amendments and cancellations«.
12.3 Passengers shall be obliged to only carry goods with them which are exempt from customs duties in nature and quantity.

13. Children

13.1 Children shall travel at a reduced fare. This regulation shall apply to children and minors who have not yet reached the age of 12.
13.2 Regarding age and guradianship the conditions apply as defined in applicable law and regulations.

14. Refusal of carriage

14.1 The passenger will be informed about the status and conditions for refunsing a carriage in 5 working days after the requested notification.
Any special requests or disabilites shall be indicated at the time of the booking.

15. Baggage:

15.1 The amount of baggage included in the fare price is limited to one hand-held piece of luggage (max. 42x30x18cm and up to 7kg) and one piece of luggage (max. 60x50x27cm and up to 20kg) per passenger.
15.2 Registration of additional baggage must be made by telephone. Registration of additional baggage may be made 48 hours prior to travel commencement at the earliest:
15.3 Passengers are obliged to label their baggage with their name and address for the purposes of correct assignment and return, and in particular in order to avoid mix-ups.
15.4 Baby carriages shall be conveyed free of charge.

16. Passenger Rights in the Event of Delays or Cancellation

16.1 In case of cancellations or delays, TripstAir or the bus station operator will notify the passengers departing from a staffed terminal of the situation as quickly as possible, and at the latest 30 minutes after the scheduled departure time. In order to receive this information, passengers must provide the required contact data (e.g. cellphone number).
16.2 Should it be reasonable to assume that the departure of the booked journey must be canceled passengers may act as follows: (a) by continuing their journeys at the earliest possible opportunity on a different route leading to the destination stipulated in the contract of carriage or (b) by requesting reimbursement of the fare. Reimbursement shall be made in monetary terms within 14 days after receipt of the compensation claim; or passengers have been given the choice of (a) or (b).
16.3 In the event that the vehicle becomes unserviceable during the journey, TripstAir shall offer passengers continued carriage with a substitute vehicle or carriage to a suitable waiting point from whence the journey can be continued.

17. General Conditions of Carriage

In addition to these »Special Conditions of Carriage«, the statutory order regarding the General Conditions of Carriage shall apply in the current version.