Mestre train station

Venice, Mestre

Venice gained its world popularity due to the numerous canals and islands, which sparked the development of nautical culture, which has proven to be a central point for the economy of the city. To this day, these canals ensure the transport of people and goods. A maze of canals in the city require visitors and locals to use over 400 bridges. Especially inviting are the canals, in particular the S-shaped Canal Grande, which stretches over 4 kilometers. A romantic trip on a gondola down Canal Grande is still a must for every visitor.

What is Mestre and where is it located?

Venice/Mestre (pronounced May-stray) is the mainland town connected to Venice by rail and road bridges over the lagoon. TripstAir takes you from the centre of Venice/Mestre to your next destination every day.

Our vehicles are brand new and always provide a comfortable and satisfying transfer from Mestre. Accurate and regular timetables are always signs of quality and reliability of our services. We are proud to say that a good user experience and a satisfied customer is our main priority. TripstAir transfers make sure you’re never late and always arrive on time.


Why TripstAir?Why TripstAir?

  • Transportation is provided daily from Venice - Mestre to Ljubljana.
  • Brand-new Renault Trafic vehicles feature the latest technologies and make sure you will arrive at your destination safely.
  • Highly skilled drivers who will make sure you arrive at the airport on time.

TripstAir scheduleTripstAir schedule

Departures from Venice - Mestre towards Ljubljana.

  • Every day

Pick-up pointPick-up point

Venice - Mestre

  • In front of Hotel Plaza, close to the train station.
  • For exact location of the pick-up point you can click here.

Modern vehicles

You can enjoy your trip in a brand new, Renault Trafic air conditioned vehicles that provide comfort, safety and are equipped with the latest technology.

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