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Facts and figures

Great number of passengers
100.000 passengers safely brought to their destination
TripstAir has great ratings
98% of customers rated TripstAir’s service with a great rating
No delays
0.01% of arrival delays due to unforeseen circumstances

Guaranteed and save transport

We drive 4x a day from Ljubljana to main Venice Airports

User friendly prices
User friendly prices Our transfers have fixed and affordable prices.
Reliable transfers
Reliable transfers Our regular lines guarantee you will arrive at your destination on time.
Experienced drivers
Qualified and experienced drivers Our drivers are highly trained and provide a pleasant user experience with a great deal of friendliness on the go.

Modern vehicles

You can enjoy your trip in a brand new, Renault Trafic air conditioned vehicles that provide comfort, safety and are equipped with the latest technology.

TripstAir van
TripstAir bus