Organized Airport Transfers

More and more frequent travellers don’t drive to the airports with their own cars anymore. Instead, they prefer booking an organized airport transfer. Why? Could anything be better that driving on your own just the way you like it? Well, apparently there are certain advantages to traveling with airport transfers that beat all the comfort and freedom of driving yourself. What are these advantages that make millions of travellers use airport transfers every year?

Saving money with organized Airport transfers

Airports are usually at least a few ten kilometres from big cities, and the distance is of course even greater if travelling to an airport abroad. Fuel is expensive and car wear eventually brings even bigger expenses, so a good airport transfer can greatly reduce costs. Especially when it is a shared airport transfer.

Fuel cost reduction is not the only benefit of using airport transfers. Driving with your own car also means you need to park your car somewhere for the duration of your trip. And airport parking can be expensive…

Saving time with organized airport transfers

Driving to the airport by yourself can bring certain problems. You can, for example, get lost or get caught in a traffic jam because you don’t know the way well. Or you can waste time by searching for a parking space and then dragging your luggage to the nearest airport entrance. But airport transfers always take the optimal route and drop you off just in front of your terminal. What about going with public transportation? Traffic jams, bad connections and the need to use multiple transports to get there unfortunately often make the trip a nightmare.

Saving energy

Driving to airports a few hundred kilometres away is a pretty tiring thing. Especially if you have to endure a long flight afterwards. To make most of your time at your flight destination, it is best to leave the driving to another driver. An experienced driver who will safely, reliably and quickly get you to your chosen location in a great car. Meanwhile, you can read a book, observe the nature, take a nap, chat with a nice co-traveller or close your eyes and relax while listening to your favourite music. You can’t get more comfortable – not even in your own car.

Airport transfers TripstAir

TripstAir offers cheap, comfortable and reliable organized airport transfers to/from domestic and chosen foreign airports. You can travel with us on the route Ljubljana Venice, for example, or Treviso Ljubljana. For less money, with less effort and much more efficiently in general. If a shared airport transfer is not your cup of tea, you can also book a custom transfer which suits all your comfort and privacy needs.